About Me


My name is Connor Pitchford. I was born and raised here in Florida.

Living in Florida has been quite the experience, from hitting the beach to quickly kayaking away from gators (who I assumed were hungry). Of course the great outdoors is very hot here, so I’ve had a few indoor hobbies throughout the years, check them out here. Check out my favorite books, movies and other interests here.

Education is very important to me as knowledge is the power to change and improve.

I started my schooling at Eastern Florida State College where I earned my AA degree. From there, I was awarded the Presidential Transfer Scholarship to Florida Institute of Technology (you rock FIT) to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics.

At FIT I met many amazing people and made, hopefully, lifelong friends. I took courses introducing me to topics I had no idea even existed! Some were super cool… and some not so much. But it helped me grow and explore the word of mathematics and the other sciences. Check out some of those courses here.

While at FIT, I came to the conclusion that I may someday like to be a Mathematics professor at some college or university. So I added on a dual major of STEM Education. I figured it would be a great idea if someday that was a path I decided to pursue. In the meantime, knowing how the brain works and how to efficiently teach and train others is a plus.

I finished my Bachelor Degrees in Mathematical Sciences and STEM Education.

Recently,  I started the Mathematical Sciences – Financial Mathematics Master’s Program at UCF as well as my job as a Graduate Teaching Assistant.