3D Printing and Modeling

I knew about 3D printers for a while and one day I decided to go on Amazon and just take a look. I was greatly surprised by how affordable 3D printers actually are (a decent hobbyist printer can be less than the average monthly payment on a new car).

Naturally, I bought one. The Creality CR-10 to be exact. Which boasts an awesome print bed size of 300mm x 300mm x 400mm (that’s big). However, if you’re looking to get into it, a smaller print bed might be worth it to get the self leveling bed feature many printers have.

Anyways, printing stuff is awesome. I have also dabbled in the art of designing my own ideas.

I am however, a believer in not reinventing the wheel. For example, using ClericAaron’s design of a dice tower (

I created what I call a Liar’s Dice tower. Fun fact: Liar’s Dice is also called Pirate’s Dice and is played in the Pirates of the Caribbean:¬†

The idea of the game is to correctly state or call out others of how many dice on the field have a certain face value. Traditionally, players use cups to hide their dice from other players. But that’s kind of boring, thus I edited¬†ClericAaron’s dicetower into a tower which not only rolls the dice but hides the dice leaving only the owner of the dice able to see them.


While somethings have actual utility, its also fun to let your imagination run wild. Which is what I did when I created this little guy:

I post my designs on Thingiverse. Currently I have


*Values current as of 2020/05/15


Full disclaimer I’ve been a bit lazy on this lately, but the above picture is from a 52 mile bike ride.