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I am not normally one for cop shows, but Grimm quickly turned into one of my favorite shows. It’s unique grasp on the fantasy world tied into the very real world was gripping throughout all 6 seasons.

The heroes become villains, the villains heroes. New Wesen were discovered as our eyes were opened to the mythical world the writers wrote around Portland. Can this show ever be topped? I don’t know.

My grandmother got the first season of Merlin for me for Christmas. She said something along the lines of “I have no idea what this is, but I saw it on tv and it looked cool”.

I had never heard of it, so I wasn’t super hyped about it (she got a much more thankful thank you later).

She lives about 14 hours away so on the car drive back home, I plopped in the first disc and watched the first episode. Then the second. Then the third. I watched nonstop until I had no more to watch.

The next day I made the rest of my family start watching it and watched it again with them. It’s that good. It quickly became their favorite show.

It still saddens me to this day that the show ended after 5 seasons. There is no show as wholesome and gripping and full of magic as Merlin was and is.

Cast Away, enough said.


This is my all time favorite book series. Christopher Paolini is amazing. He needs to finish his latest project so he can quit teasing us about book 5.

However, a great tragedy has befallen this great universe. The movie sucks. Those three words cannot describe how horrible it is in comparison to the book. It is so bad, the Eragon community stands firm in their conviction that a movie of Eragon has never been made.

I highly suggest the series, but do not watch the movie. Do not taint yourself.

I first read Ender’s Game when I was in 5th grade and it has been a favorite of mine ever since.

Unfortunately, the movie was rubbish. The book is an amazing tale spun by Orson Scott Card of a six year old child who is essentially kidnapped by the government to be trained to fight the aliens. We watch Ender grow and learn, by the end of the book, Ender is 11. In the movie he starts off 12 and ends 15. They also change the ending which is the catalyst for the rest of the series.

The rest of the series is amazing, Card takes us through Ender’s entire life.

I was pretty conflicted whether to put Harry Potter in the book section or the movie section as both are great.


Fist off, let me say I LOVE games. I’ll play any game anytime. But here are some top choices:

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